TYPE thhn/tffn wire

This wire serves general purposes in accordance with the NEC. It has a max. conductor temp. of 75°C in wet locations, 90°C in dry locations and is rated for 600 volts. Typical applications include wiring of machine tools, appliances and control circuits that do not exceed 600 volts.

600 Volt 90°C UL/CSA

  • Conductor of soft drawn bare copper Primary Insulation of PVC with NYLON jacket
  • UL Listed Stds. 83 & 1063 as:
    • Type THHN 90° in dry locations
    • Type THWN 75°C in wet locations
    • Type MTW 90°C Machine Tool Wire (stranded only)
  • 105°C AWM, 80°C where exposed to oil
SKUAWGConductor MaterialVoltage RatingConductor StrandingDetailshf:att:pa_gaugehf:att:pa_conductorhf:att:pa_voltage-ratinghf:att:pa_stranding
WTHHN0619-B6Bare Copper600V19Details06-awgbare-copper600v19
WTHHN0819-B8Bare Copper600V19Details08-awgbare-copper600v19
WTHHN1001-B10Bare Copper600VSolidDetails10-awgbare-copper600vsolid
WTHHN1019-B10Bare Copper600V19Details10-awgbare-copper600v19
WTHHN1201-B12Bare Copper600VSolidDetails12-awgbare-copper600vsolid
WTHHN1219-B12Bare Copper600V19Details12-awgbare-copper600v19
WTHHN1401-B14Bare Copper600VSolidDetails14-awgbare-copper600vsolid
WTHHN1419-B14Bare Copper600V19Details14-awgbare-copper600v19