TFFN Fixture Wire Standard: UL standard 758, CSA-TEWN or AWM I A/B

image to display Z-Tronix TFFN Bulk Wire

  • Stranded or Solid. Bare.
  • PVC/Nylon insulation
  • Rated temperature: 80°C to 105°C
  • Rated voltage: 600V to 1000V
  • Passed UL-1316 (105°C dry/ 80°C wet or in oil, 600V); UL-1408 (90°C dry/ 60°C wet or in oil, 600V); UL-1452 (90°C
    dry/ 80°C in oil, 1000V); UL std. 66 (TFFN, TFN); and CSA-TEWN or AWN I A/B 105°C 600V; FT1
  • Application: Can be used for wiring of machine tools, appliances. control
    circuits, installation in conduit or other raceways and for new

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16TFFNTinned CopperPVC, Teflon

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WTFFN1626-T$0.00 FT
18TFFNBare CopperPVC, Teflon

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WTFFN1816-B$0.09 FT
16TFFNBare CopperPVC, Teflon

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WTFFN1619-B$0.11 FT
16TFFNBare CopperPVC, Teflon

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WTFFN1626-B$0.11$0.12 FT