UL 1431 Wire

UL Style 1431 wire Standard: UL 758

National Electric USA‘s quality UL 1431 wire is a part of the cross linked hook up wire product line. Our wire comes in a variation of colors and styles. National Electric USA’s building wire satisfies UL 758 standards. National Electric USA’s wire is appropriate for use as motor leads or internal wiring of appliances.

Solid or Stranded. Tinned
XLPVC insulation
Rated temperature: 105°C
Rated voltage: 600V
Passed UL VW-1 CSA FT-1 Vertical Flame Test
Application: For use as motor leads or internal wiring of appliances. Tags may indicate the following: 2500 Volts Peak – For Electronics Use Only.

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121431Tinned CopperXLPVC

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141431Tinned CopperXLPVC

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181431Tinned CopperXLPVC

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221431Tinned CopperXLPVC

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