Type SiF Silicone Wire

180°C, 500 Volts.
  • SiF is a special 180 Degree C., stranded silicone single core for use in high and low temperature areas.
  • These cables are mainly found in steel producing industry and aviation industry as well as in ship building, cement, glass and ceramic factories.
  • SIF cables are low-smoke and halogen-free especially suited for use in power stations where PVC cables become brittle due to higher temperatures.
  • The silicone insulation provides added heat, chemical, oil and acidic resistance. Designed for flexible and stationary applications. Outdoor use is not permitted.

SKUAWGConductor MaterialVoltage RatingConductor StrandingPriceDetailshf:att:pa_gaugehf:att:pa_conductorhf:att:pa_voltage-ratinghf:att:pa_stranding
WSIF1732-T17Tinned Copper300V32$0.44 FTDetails17-awgtinned-copper300v32
WSIF1824-T18Tinned Copper300V24$0.00 FTDetails18-awgtinned-copper300v24-awg