W-76 22 AWG 07 Strand – Tinned



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W-76 22 AWG 07 Strand - Tinned - White
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W-76 22 AWG 07 Strand - Tinned - Red
W-76 22 AWG 07 Strand - Tinned - Red$0.03

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W-76 22 AWG 07 Strand - Tinned - Black
W-76 22 AWG 07 Strand - Tinned - Black$0.03

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National Electric USA‘s quality Mil-Spec W-76 22 AWG 7 Strand – Tinned Wire is a part of the Mil-Spec Wire product line. Our wide range of Mil-Spec W-76 22 AWG 7 Strand – Tinned Wire can be seen used throughout a large number of industries such as but not limited to the access control, appliance, automotive & transportation, AV, earth moving, construction, agricultural, electronics, energy, environmental, factory automation & robotics, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, maritime, watercraft, medical, military, pool, spa, hot tub, residential, commercial, sporting goods, telecom, gas grill, stove, and many other industry applications. At National Electric USA, we stock and can procure several cable variations and options that may fit you application or interest you.

Military Specification Wire, also known as mil spec wire, is the designated name given to wire/cable that complies with the standards and guidelines for equipment of the US Military. In a division as serious and critical as the military and aerospace/aeronautical industries where lives are always at stake, all hardware, technology and components must fulfill highly precise standards including standardization, dependability, costs and logistics compatibility. (source)

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