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Portable Cord Types Defined

SO Cords are commonly referred to as Portable or Flexible cord. These products are labeled and identified by using a sequence of letters to form an acronym. This simplifies our ability to determine a cords proper application based on its characteristics and properties.Labeling of the cord sequence will begin with an ‘S’ or ‘SJ’. ‘S’ stands for service, indicating the standard 600-volt rating. However, if the ‘S’ is followed by a ‘J’ in the sequence, it’s known as a junior service cable which has a [...]


Supply Chain in Electrical Components Manufacturing Companies

Supply chain makes up a high percentage of the overall operating budget of electrical component manufacturing companies. So it is important that you get a good insight into the supply chain process to ensure maximum efficiency and cost savings. Many companies are turning to supply chain software to improve their supply chain capabilities. There are some simple SCM solutions available presently. The software is designed to improve effectiveness, optimize and streamline business processes and eventually enhance the bottom line of [...]